Infantry Drills

6-136: Conducting an Area Ambush

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6-136. In an area ambush, Soldiers deploy in two or more related point ambushes. The platoon may conduct an area ambush as part of a company offensive or defensive plan, or it may conduct a point ambush as part of a company area ambush.

6-137. The platoon is the smallest level to conduct an area ambush. Platoons conduct area ambushes (see figure 6-12) where enemy movement is largely restricted to trails or streams.

Figure 6-12. Area ambush

6-138. The platoon leader (or company commander) selects one principal ambush site around which he organizes outlying ambushes. These secondary sites are located along the enemy’s most likely avenue of approach and escape routes from the principal ambush site. Squads normally are responsible for each ambush site.

6-139. The platoon leader considers METT-TC to determine the best employment of the weapons squad. He normally locates the medium machine guns with the support element in the principal ambush site.

6-140. Squads or sections responsible for outlying ambushes do not initiate their
ambushes until the principal one has been initiated. They then engage to prevent enemy forces from escaping the principal ambush or reinforcing the ambushed force.

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