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6-91: Assault Element

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6-91. The assault element is the combat patrol’s main effort. Its task is to conduct actions on the objective. In most cases, the assault element will accomplish the overall purpose. This element must be capable (through inherent capabilities or positioning relative to the enemy) of destroying or seizing the target of the combat patrol. Tasks typically associated with the assault element include:

  • Conduct of assault across the objective to destroy enemy equipment, capture or kill enemy, and clearing of key terrain and enemy positions.
  • Maneuver close enough to the objective to conduct an immediate assault if detected.
  • Being prepared to support itself if the support element cannot suppress the enemy.
  • Providing support to a breach element in reduction of obstacles, if required.
  • Planning detailed fire control and distribution.
  • Conducting controlled withdrawal from the objective.

6-92. Analysis of METT-TC, particularly for a raid, may result in the requirement to organize a separate breach force. At times this may include reducing an obstacle. Additional tasks/special purpose teams assigned may include:

  • Search teams. To find and collect documents, equipment and information which can be used to produce intelligence.
  • Detainee teams. To capture, secure, and document detainees.
  • Demolition teams. To plan and execute the destruction of obstacles and when necessary enemy equipment.
  • Breach team. To create lanes in protective obstacles to facilitate the completion of the patrol’s primary task.
  • Aid and litter teams. To identify, collect, render immediate aid and coordinate casualty evacuation.

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