Infantry Drills

6-204: Multiple Reconnaissance and Surveillance Teams

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6-204. When information cannot be gathered from just one observation post or vantage point, successive points may be used. Once determined, the leader decides how his patrol will actually occupy them. The critical decision is determining the number of teams in the reconnaissance element. The advantages of a single team are the leader’s ability to control the team, and a decreased probability of enemy detection. The disadvantages of a single team are the lack of redundancy, and the objective area is observed with just one team. The advantages of using multiple teams include providing the leader redundancy in accomplishing his mission, and ability to look at the objective area from more than one perspective. The disadvantages include the increased probability of being detected by the enemy, and increased difficulty in controlling the teams.

6-205. The leader may include a surveillance team in his reconnaissance of the objective from the ORP. He positions these surveillance teams while on the reconnaissance. He may move them on one route, posting them as they move, or he may direct them to move on separate routes to their assigned locations.

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