Infantry Drills

6-212: Control Measures

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6-212. Control measures for a route reconnaissance create an area of operation for the unit conducting the reconnaissance. (Refer to ATP 3-20.98 for more information.) The leader should submit the patrol report in an overlay format including:

  • Two grid references (required).
  • Magnetic north arrow (required).
  • Route drawn to scale (required).
  • Title block (required).
  • Route classification formula (required).
  • Road curves with a radius of less than 45 degrees.
  • Steep grades and maximum gradients.
  • Road width of constrictions such as bridges and tunnels, with the widths and lengths of the traveled ways (in meters).
  • Underpass limitations with limiting heights and widths.
  • Bridge bypasses classified as easy, hard, or impossible.
  • Civil or military road numbers or other designations.
  • Locations of fords, ferries, and tunnels with limiting information.
  • Causeways, snow sheds, or galleries if they are in the way. Data about clearance and load-carrying capacity should be included to permit an evaluation to decide whether to strengthen or remove them.

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