Infantry Drills

6-215: Fan Method

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6-215. When using the fan method, the leader first selects a series of ORPs throughout the zone to operate from. The patrol establishes security at the first ORP. Upon confirming the ORP location, the leader confirms reconnaissance routes out from and back to the ORP. These routes form a fan-shaped pattern around the ORP. The routes must overlap to ensure the entire area is reconnoitered. Once the routes are confirmed, the leader sends out R&S teams along the routes. When all R&S teams have returned to the ORP, the platoon collects and disseminates all information to every Soldier before moving on to the next ORP.

6-216. Each R&S team moves from the ORP along a different fan-shaped route overlapping with others to ensure reconnaissance of the entire area. (See figure 6-17.) These routes should be adjacent to each other. Adjacent routes prevent the patrol from potentially making contact in two different directions. The leader maintains a reserve at the ORP.

Figure 6-17. Fan method

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