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6-219: Successive Sector Method

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6-219. The successive sector method is a continuation of the converging routes method. (See figure 6-20.) The leader divides the zone into a series of sectors. The platoon uses the converging routes within each sector to reconnoiter to an intermediate linkup point where it collects and disseminates the information gathered to that point. It then reconnoiters to the next sector. Using this method, the leader selects an ORP, a series of reconnaissance routes, and linkup points. The actions from each ORP to each linkup point are the same as in the converging routes method. Each linkup point becomes the ORP for the next phase. Upon linkup at a linkup point, the leader again confirms or selects reconnaissance routes, a linkup time, and next linkup point. This action continues until the entire zone has been reconnoitered. Once the reconnaissance is completed, the unit returns to friendly lines.

Figure 6-20. Successive sector method

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