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7-4: Platoon Sergeant

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7-4. The platoon sergeant is the platoon’s primary sustainment planner, coordinator, and operator; reporting directly to the platoon leader. He executes the platoon’s logistical plan, relying heavily on platoon and company SOPs. The platoon sergeant directly supervises and controls the platoon’s assets. During preparations of the mission, he works closely with the platoon leader and squad leaders to determine specific support requirements of the tactical plan. He then ensures proper arrangements are made to provide those support requirements. The platoon sergeant also performs these logistical functions:

  • Determines the location of the platoon’s resupply point based on data developed during planning and war-gaming process.
  • Compiles DA Form 2404 (Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet) or DA Form 5988-E (Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Worksheet), from the squad leaders and provides updates to the platoon leader as required.
  • Ensures the platoon executes sustainment operations according to the company’s sustainment plan.
  • Leads the sustainment rehearsal in coordination with squad leaders to ensure integration into the platoon’s rehearsal.
  • Assists the platoon leader in developing sustainment priorities and guidance according to the Infantry company’s concept of support, and enforces those priorities.
  • Conducts close coordination with the company executive officer and first sergeant for planning and to resource platoon missions.
  • Coordinates and synchronizes human resources support with the company first sergeant. This includes personnel accountability reports, casualty reports, replacement operations, personnel readiness management, mail operations, essential personnel services, and other administrative or personnel requirements.
  • Meets the logistics package (LOGPAC) at the company logistics release point (LRP); guides it to the Infantry platoon resupply point and supervises resupply operations.
  • Provides an Infantry platoon orientation for new personnel and, in consultation with the platoon leader makes recommendations on replacements to the platoon’s leadership.
  • Directs and supervises evacuation of casualties, detainees, and damaged equipment.
  • Directs and supervises the collection, initial identification, and evacuation of human remains to the mortuary affairs collection point.
  • Maintains the Infantry platoon manning roster.
  • Cross-leveling supplies and equipment throughout the platoon.
  • Coordinating logistics/personnel requirements with attached or operational control units.

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