Infantry Drills

7-38: Company Trains

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7-38. The company trains provide sustainment for subordinate platoons of the Infantry company during combat operations. Company trains usually include the first sergeant; supply sergeant, armorer. Casualty evacuation team’s maybe collocated in the trains based on the situation. Usually, the FSC provides a field maintenance team, with capabilities for maintenance, recovery, and limited combat spares. The supply sergeant can collocate in the combat trains, if it facilitates LOGPAC operations. The 1SG usually directs movement and employment of the company trains; although the company commander may assign the responsibility to the company XO. Generally, company trains are located between 500 and 1000 meters or a major terrain feature away from the company’s combat operations. By placing at least one terrain feature between it and the enemy, company trains will be out of the enemy’s direct fire weapons.

Note. METT-TC ultimately dictates the actual distance at which the company trains operates.

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