Infantry Drills

7-41: Preparation

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7-41. The Infantry platoon must provide supply requests to the company in order to receive supplies. Based on the requests, he then assembles the LOGPAC under the supervision of the FSC or the headquarters company (HHC) or FSC commander. He obtains the following:

  • Class I, Class III (bulk and packaged products), and Class V supplies from the forward support company. This usually entails employment of one or two fuel heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks (HEMTT) and one or two cargo HEMTT.
  • Class II, Class IV (basic load resupply only), Class VI, and Class VII supplies from Infantry battalion S-4 personnel in the field trains.
  • Routine Class IX supplies and maintenance documents (as required) from the prescribed load list section in the field trains.
  • Replacement personnel and Soldiers returning from a medical treatment facility.
  • Vehicles returning to the company area from maintenance.
  • Mail and personnel action documents (including awards and finance and legal documents) from the battalion S-1 section.

7-42. When LOGPAC preparations are completed, the supply sergeant initiates tactical movement to the LRP under the supervision of the FSC, support platoon leader. The supply sergeant and LOGPAC linkup with the company element (company XO, 1SG or security element from a platoon) at the LRP.

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