Infantry Drills

7-44: Resupply Procedures

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7-44. The time required for resupply is an important planning factor. Units must conduct resupply as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure operational effectiveness, and to allow the Infantry company LOGPAC to return to the LRP on time.

7-45. Once the unit completes resupply operations, the unit prepares the LOGPAC vehicles for the return trip. The Infantry company vehicles requiring recovery for maintenance or salvage are lined up and prepared for towing. Cargo trucks, fuel trucks, or damaged vehicles transport those KIA and detainees ride in the cargo trucks, and are guarded by capable friendly wounded or other capable company personnel. All supply requests, human resources actions, and outgoing mail are consolidated for forwarding to the field trains, where the appropriate staff section processes them for the next LOGPAC.

7-46. The company representative leads the LOGPAC back to the LRP, where he links up with the FSC, support platoon leader. Whenever possible, the reunited task force LOGPAC convoy returns to the field trains together. When METT-TC dictates or when the LOGPAC arrives too late to rejoin the larger convoy, the Infantry company vehicles must return to the field trains on their own. Because only minimal security assets are available, this situation should be avoided.

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