Infantry Drills

7-51: Tailgate Resupply

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7-51. The first sergeant or platoon sergeant normally uses the tailgate method in the AA. (See figure 7-2.) Individual Soldiers rotate through the feeding area. While there, they pick up mail and sundries and refill or exchange water cans. They centralize and guard EPW. They take Soldiers KIA and their personal effects to the holding area (normally a location downwind and out of sight of the platoon/company), where the first sergeant assumes responsibility of them.

7-52. Tailgate resupply usually requires significantly more time than do service station operations. Usually, units use the tailgate method only when the tactical situation allows or dictates. Combat vehicles remain in their vehicle positions or back out a short distance to allow trucks carrying Class III and Class V supplies to reach them. Individual crewmembers rotate through the feeding area, pick up mail and sundries, and fill or exchange water cans. Detainees are centralized and guarded. Soldiers KIA and their personal effects are brought to the holding area, where the first sergeant takes charge of them.

Figure 7-2. Tailgate resupply method

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