Infantry Drills

7-54: In-Position Resupply

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7-54. In-position resupply is used during operations when contact with the enemy is imminent; the in-position resupply method (see figure 7-3) may be required to ensure adequate supplies are available to the squads. This method requires the company to bring forward supplies, equipment, or both to individual fighting positions. The platoon normally provides a guide to ensure the supplies are distributed to the most critical position first. This method:

  • Is used when an immediate need exists.
  • Is used to resupply single classes of supply.
  • Enables leaders to keep squad members in their fighting positions.
Figure 7-3. In-position resupply method

Note. If resupply vehicles cannot move near platoon positions, platoon Soldiers may need to help resupply personnel, move supplies and equipment forward.

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