Infantry Drills

7-55: Emergency Resupply

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7-55. Occasionally (usually during combat operations), platoons have such an urgent need for resupply it cannot wait for a routine LOGPAC. Emergency resupply may involve Classes III, V, and VIII, as well as CBRN equipment and, on rare occasions, Class I. The battalion usually uses the FSC’s supply and transportation platoon, and medical assets located in the Infantry battalion combat trains to conduct emergency resupply of the element.

7-56. Emergency resupply can be conducted using either the service station or tailgate method although procedures may have to be adjusted when the platoon, squad and companies are in contact with the enemy. In the service station method, individual vehicles pull back during a lull in combat on order of the commander or platoon leader; they conduct resupply and return to the fight. With tailgate resupply, the Infantry company brings limited supplies forward to the closest concealed position behind each vehicle or element.

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