Infantry Drills

7-57: Pre-Positioned Supplies

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7-57. In defensive operations, or other times as appropriate, the platoons will most likely need prestocked supplies, also known as pre-positioned or “cached” resupply. Normally, the platoon only pre-positions Class IV and V items, but they can pre-position Class III supplies. However, they must refuel platoon vehicles before they move into fighting positions, while first occupying the battle position, or while moving out of their fighting position to refuel.

7-58. All levels must carefully plan and execute prestock operations. All leaders, down to the squad leader level, must know the exact locations of prestock sites. They verify these locations during reconnaissance or rehearsals. The platoon takes steps to ensure the survivability of the prestock supplies. These measures include selecting covered and concealed positions and digging in the prestock positions. The platoon leader must have a removal and destruction plan to prevent the enemy from capturing prepositioned supplies.

7-59. During the offense, the company or platoon can preposition supplies on trucks well forward on the battlefield. This works well if the company or platoon expects to use a large volume of fire, with corresponding ammunition requirements. It allows the platoons to quickly resupply during consolidation or during lulls.

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