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7-78: + Casualty Operations

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7-78. Casualty operations include production, dissemination, coordination, validation and synchronization of information regarding each casualty. This information includes casualty reporting, casualty notification, casualty assistance, line-of-duty determination, disposition of remains, and disposition of personal effects, military burial honors, and casualty mail coordination.

7-79. Unit SOPs and OPORDs must address + first aid procedures and casualty
evacuation in detail + to include aid for chemical casualties with particular emphasis on lifesaving tasks. They should cover the duties and responsibilities of essential personnel, the evacuation of CBRN contaminated casualties (on routes separate from noncontaminated casualties), and priority for manning essential weapons and positions. They should specify preferred and alternate methods of evacuation and make provisions for retrieving and safeguarding the weapons, ammunition, and equipment of casualties. Slightly wounded personnel are treated + at the appropriate role of care and returned to duty + as soon as possible. Platoon medics evaluate sick Soldiers and either treat or evacuate them as necessary. Medical and casualty evacuations should be rehearsed like other critical part of an operation.

7-80. + Specific procedures should be followed +when providing aid, evacuation, and reporting of combat casualties.

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