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7-90: Medical Evacuation

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7-90. Medical evacuation is the term used to refer to movement of casualties by air or ground utilizing medical vehicles or aircraft. Medical evacuation operations normally involve the initial movement of wounded or injured Soldiers to the nearest medical treatment facility. Medical evacuation includes the provision of en route medical care, whereas casualty evacuations might not provide medical care during movement. (Refer to ATP 4-02.5 and ATP 4-02.2 for more information.) (See table 7-2a, page 7-24, and table 7-2b, page 7-25 on the 9-line request for medical evacuation procedures.

7-91. When possible, medical platoon ambulances provide evacuation and en route care from the Soldier’s point of injury or the platoon’s or company’s CCP to the BAS. The ambulance team supporting the company works in coordination with the senior + combat medic supporting the platoons. In mass casualty situations, nonmedical vehicles may be used to assist in casualty evacuation as directed by the Infantry company commander or leader. However, plans for use of nonmedical vehicles to perform casualty evacuations should be included in the unit SOP.

Table 7-2a. +GTA 08-01-004 (front)
Table 7-2b. +GTA 08-01-004 (back)

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