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7-96: Unit Reporting

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7-96. As casualties occur, the nearest observer informs the platoon sergeant who then informs the first sergeant via the most expedient method available; for example, free text within Mission Command Systems, radio voice. The first sergeant submits a personnel status report to the Infantry battalion S-1 section. This report documents duty status changes on all casualties. Casualties are taken to CCP for classification of injury type (routine, urgent, return to duty), evacuation, and integration into the medical treatment system.

7-97. A casualty report is filled out when a casualty occurs, or as soon as the tactical situation permits. This usually is done by the Soldier’s squad leader and turned in to the platoon sergeant, who forwards it to the first sergeant. A brief description of how the casualty occurred (including the place, time, and activity being performed) and who or what inflicted the wound is included. If the squad leader does not have personal knowledge of how the casualty occurred, he gets this information from Soldiers who have the knowledge.

7-98. DA Form 1156, Casualty Feeder Card (see figure 7-4a and figure 7-4b), are used to report those Soldiers who have been killed and recovered, and those who have been wounded. This form also is used to report KIA Soldiers who are missing, captured, or not recovered. The Soldier with the most knowledge of the incident should complete the witness statement. This information is used to inform the Soldier’s next of kin and to provide a statistical base for analysis of friendly or enemy tactics. Once the casualty’s medical condition has stabilized, the company commander may write a letter to the Soldier’s next of kin. During lulls in the battle, the platoon forwards casualty information to the company headquarters. The first sergeant ensures a completed DA Form 1156 is forwarded to the Infantry battalion S-1, who then enters the data into the defense casualty information processing system.

Figure 7-4a. DA Form 1156, Casualty Feeder Card (front)
Figure 7-4b. DA Form 1156, Casualty Feeder Card (back)

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