Infantry Drills

7-99: Killed in Action

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7-99. The platoon leader designates a location of the collection of KIAs. All personal effects remain with the body. However, squad leaders remove and safeguard equipment and issue items. They keep these until they can turn the equipment and issue items over to the platoon sergeant. The platoon sergeant turns over the KIA to the first sergeant. As a rule, the platoon should not transport KIA remains on the same vehicle as wounded Soldiers. KIAs normally are transported to the rear on empty resupply trucks, but this depends on unit SOP.

7-100. Commanders and first sergeants must establish procedures to ensure the Soldier’s next of kin are notified properly and according to procedure. The potential for unofficial communications exist with KIA and casualty operations. The use of cell phones and computers in proximity to the area of operation enables many Soldiers to contact their home station regarding the casualty. Such communication is unofficial and unacceptable. The next of kin for Soldiers WIA or KIA should not receive notification through unofficial means. There usually is a communication blackout until the next of kin is notified. No internet or phone calls home are permitted.

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